Placed large appliance order for a whole house in April for a late May delivery date.In May I inquired about shipping was told that not all items were in and that it would be within a week.

A week later when item had not arrived I asked them to ship what they had so I could complete my project. They said they would charge me a extra to do so. I then canceled one item (dishwasher)which i needed to get inspections done and picked it up locally waiting for the balance to be shipped later. Another week goes by and as I am talking to their customer service to cancel the rest they inform me that the item just came into shipping and everything will be shipped the next day.

I confirmed the next day with them that it had shipped...they charged my credit card and sent me a trucking tracking number for the items stating that it would be traceable within 24-72 hours. After five business days and several emails I called the trucking company directly and talked directly to the supervisor in charge. Was informed that while I did have a tracking number Appliance Connection had not released the order for pickup. After a another long conversation with a customer rep at Appliance Connection (Calivin) I was informed me that shipping had forgot to release it.

You call it what you may.I canceled my order, called my credit card company and then found the items online at AJ Madison (talk with Solomon- he is the best) They shipped all items out that day.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.


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