My appliance was late, Applicance Connection in woodbridge VA promised me 10 % discount, and a either one from them.So I called on 8/11/08 spoke with Manger "joe" He he would check into it and he never called me back about the credit. so instead what did I get a call two days later from a Some super snippy *** service manager 'declines' my request for my 10% because no one there wants to fess up to the promise.shame on them....do not shop here...they suckThe dishwasher was over a week late and held up my kitchen remodel, when the sales person promised my diswasher within 5 business days.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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Sounds like your back pedaling now! If you want to spend more money on the same products then go ahead. Shame on you for not allowing anyone a second chance, and turning your back on all stores with Menards, when each is ran by different managers

Harelbeke, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium #29061

Man, I agree with you 100%, eh, make that about 75%. And yes, I will get that word out of the way so that you will read this, Fella is a true ***.

My intent was never to knock retail workers, only Fella, I can see where others took it personally, not intended towards them.

The only reason i got into the name calling was early on, I have read his post on me and others, calling people ignorant, ***, a *** etc because we were complaining about Menards. Is this the way you are trained at Menards? If so, there are much more serious problems. I considered the *** to be a renegade who was taking on the world by his lonesome self.

I do not want to knock retail workers, as I earlier stated, I did it for 11 years, in a management capacity, but I still had to deal with consumers. I look back and now laugh at arguing with customers over a small amount, jeez, take care of them, that is the price of doing business. Now if they are ripping me off or stealing, that is a cow of a different color.

My apologies to you or anyone else, other than Fella who was offended by my slams at him. I doubt he reads this, he is doing busy with his cleanup in aisle 6..... sounds like you have aisles 7 and 9 already covered. (tic)

Menards still sucks and I will not step inside the doors again, but at least I wont be making a mess for anyone to have to cleanup.... "*** to aisle 6....." have a good one.

Lykens, Pennsylvania, United States #28511

words cannot describe the dimwittedness of that response, so i won't even try.

Lykens, Pennsylvania, United States #28478

you might want to try and brush up on your reading comprehension skills. i didn't say you spent 11 years going after a degree, i said you spend 11 years working in retail. this is getting really embarrassing for you, isn't it?

why do you keep assuming you know my position within menards? is it the constant need to assail me with lame insults? they're getting pretty awful at this point. i'd expect better from an old man with a college education and a supposed career.

and what "facts" have you talked about? sorry, opinions don't count, regardless of how *** and asinine they might be. the fact is, you've got a kid and a six-figure job, and here you sit, arguing with a guy who's barely an adult and going to school for a different career. menards is my short term money, by no means am i going to do what you did and work there for 11 frickin years! horrible!

you're humiliating yourself at this point. you'd be well advised to end this now before it gets worse. please take my advice.

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